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My love affair with coffee began clandestinely when I was just six or seven. I'd sneak sips of my mother’s instant coffee when she wasn’t looking, unaware that this was the spark of a lifelong passion. Fast forward many years, I discovered specialty coffee about 11 years ago, and one taste was all it took to change everything. This coffee was a revelation—bright, light, juicy, and floral, a far cry from the dark, harsh brews of my past.

Growing up in Brixton, London, I always felt a deep connection to my community. It was only natural to open my own café here with my partner, and ten years later, Balance SW9 is still thriving. Expanding our venture, I delved into coffee roasting, birthing Perception. The name reflects the subjective nature of coffee; what you find distasteful might be delightful to me, and vice versa.

In South London, my choice of attire—hoodies and tracksuits—often links to stereotypes of drug and gang culture. Through coffee, I’ve set out to challenge and change that perception, showing that passion and creativity can brew from any corner of society.