Perception has assisted start ups and existing coffee shops, as well as companies in the hospitality industry to grow and scale their business, through multiple services. At perception we understand the operation of a business as we have years of experience in running a coffee shop and a coffee roastery. In areas of customer service, customer experience, brewing techniques, staff management and more. Work with us, to provide you with solutions that are tailored to meet your unique business needs.


At perception our view of brewing coffee is not just by pressing a button on a coffee machine.

There are different methods and techniques that can be used to extract the best flavours from your coffee beans.

We will guide you through the different brewing methods, including pour-over, French press, and drip brewing.

We will guide you through different extraction methods and ratios that will suit your palette and teach you how to, when to and why to adjust particular equipment if that extraction is not coming out correctly , in order to produce a tasty espresso. We will teach you how to calibrate your coffee machine and how to use it correctly to brew coffee to perfection.

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We understand that running a coffee business can be challenging. We will work with you to assess your business systems, identify areas of improvement, including provide you with actionable insights to increase revenue and operate your business effectively.

We will help you develop efficient systems that can be easily implemented, monitored, and optimised to achieve your business goals.

We facilitate your business in understanding your customers needs and their expectations.

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At the heart of every successful coffee business is a positive customer experience.

We will work with you to create a customer experience that delights your customers, keeps them coming back and turns them into happy, regular buyers.

We will help you to identify your customer's needs, preferences and provide you with practical solutions that improve their experience, including staff training relating to customer service, systems, work ethic, body language and customer engagement strategies.

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